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Just the facts, man

Just before noon, USPS delivered in a really slick new van a padded envelope. It was the two canvas prints from CVS. They did an excellent job. Each print also had a flat black cardboard item which could be folded into a stand.

The whole shebang fit neatly into a priority mail flat rate envelope. USPS web site needed to be told it was an international shipment before it gave me the right forms, but from there it was easy.

Interrupted by some tummy foo. Heidi was in the bathroom, it freaked her out that I was in there. She loves that shower mat, so dark and comfy.

USPS label printing software is borked, I had to print it on regular paper, scan it into a jpg and rotate it and resize it to print onto a label.

Still kind of woozy from the tummy foo, drove to the big PO nibbling saltines on the way, stood in line for 10 minutes managing to not pass out. 2 minutes at the clerk's station because it was all ready to go.

Drove straight home. Self-medicated with ice water and wheat thins. That was lunch.

Returned to my usual online routine except it was all flooded with how bad the debate was (I knew better than to watch). So I played an extra round of solitaire and tile matching.

Two episodes of Match Game 74 before the sexism got to me. But I did learn one thing - Reyburn speaks Serbo-Croatian. One of the guests had a surname he recognized, and  he asked if she spoke any, and she answered him with a complete sentence in S-C. Which he translated for the panel. Wiki says his parents were Croatian refugees, his birth name was something with a lot of consonants. His dad died when he was young, his mom remarried to someone whose name was easily morfed to Reyburn.

Watched Hot Bench. One episode, two stupid cases. I think they made the wrong decision in the second.  Nuked the next episode.

There's a lot of stuff to watch tomorrow.

My cutoffs have a tear in them. Ordered iron-on patches.

Heidi is really liking my room and the bathroom. She has warded off Spook several times. I wish she would cool it.

Spook jumped on my lap again.  She stayed for a long time after I was done brushing her. She has become such an alpha I keep calling her him.

Dinner was shrimp in lobster sauce over rice. Lots of shrimp. Not as much egg drop as expected and some snow peas and carrots which did not need to be there. But it was good enough. Only ate half - big serving.

Watched some You Tube versions of I Sing The Body Electric after hearing how it got into the show (Fame) on SiriusXM's Broadway channel. I love the lyrics

And I'll look back on Venus
I'll look back on Mars
And I'll burn with the fire
Of ten million stars
And in time and in time
We will all be stars

The story they gave is Laura Dean, who was a dancer in the show, was caught singing in the shower or something like that and was drafted to start the number in the finale. They almost cut her part from the movie but she was prominantly featured in the trailer singing that song so they were stuck. Her character is fired from the school, though.

Plans for tomorrow:
October Fools Day
Masked Singer
I Can See Your Voice
Peace Corps zoom?

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