Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Is it Friday Yet?

Out of bed by 9, no cat drama because the door was closed.

Banana & HB egg, some online time looking for wi-fi enabled ceiling fans. I think the bedroom needs one. Maybe the livingroom, but probably later. They are expensive.

Lots of news to read. Took a nap. Heidi was in my room, so was Spook. Noises ensued.

Tummy is behaving itself.

Beef chow fun lunch, shrimp lobster sauce dinner. All the China a go go food is eaten. Back to frozen meals and cold cuts. Need to defrost some pastrami, turkey baloney and corned beef. Lots of croissants n the freezer, lots of American cheese. Probably should get some Swiss.

Did laundry - the bedding and all the towels in the house. Made the bed, no cats volunteered to help.

Spook did jump on my lap to be brushed after lots of false starts and coaxing, but she stayed for quite a while.

Streamed for an hour, more chatters than usual.

Watched the Jets lose. FFed the second half, used 30-second skip the first half, but there were a lot of penalties which messes up the timing.  

Masked Singer was going along fine until the last contestant, who was a big guy in a heavy Yeti costume. One of the panelists guessed who it was, but instead of waiting for the vote, he took his mask off (actually these are headdresses) and said he was done, it was too hot in there and she had guessed correctly. The MC improvised, had him sing his song unmasked as they do with the losers. And then my Tivo said it was over. Probably 20 minutes early.

Got an RMA for the fan still in its box.

Change Spook's litterbox cartridge. Refilled her water tower tank. I did Heidi's tank yesterday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Still to hot for the bird refuge
UPS, drop off the fan. Maybe do some Albertson's shopping or maybe wait till:
Home Depot, look for smart fans and installation costs.
Many deliveries expected
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