Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Delivery central

I was still asleep a little before 8 when my Google Home in the office was sounding a reminder alarm. Or so I thought. Told it to shut up and it did. Stayed in bed till 9.

Heidi was yelling and scratching again so I let her out. She is getting better at going back to her room for food & water when Spook isn't around, but it needs work. So does Spook, who is no longer trying to make friends.

The alarm was actually a woman trying to Skype with me. I called her back.

11-ish took the RMA fan to UPS and then went groc shopping. Some of my favorite frozen meals were on "buy 4 or more" special. Original Klondike was all they had. I ought to go to the bigger Albertson's off Nellis. It's not too far.

Home, put stuff away, Alexa said there was a package delivered - the office chair. HUGE box on the front porch is now in the front room. I was going to assemble it but got roped in by a couple of scammers on Skype who shared some sexy photos and wanted a sugar daddy. It was fun leading them on. They were both in UK and African time zones, and are now removed from my contacts list. But that was an entertaining 3 hours.

Streamed for an hour, several chatters, time went quickly.

OK Cupid sent a couple of message notices, while I was there I looked at recommended for me women. Way too many under 21's. But there was one winner. A green-eyed redhead who speaks Thai. She's local, and 60. Looks 30. We'll see if she responds to my message.

Also delivered - idiot driver hid them behind the garbage bins so I didn't see them immediately - the quilt, which is excellent - colorful and just the right weight. And iron on patches for my distressed jeans cutoffs.

And another porch delivery, two of the 4 sets of undies. One set was too small.

The other two sets were shoved into my mailbox 3 blocks away, and it was a chore getting them out because idiot mailman doesn't get it that the opening he shoves things into is larger than the one we have to pull things out of. I threw away the ad for smog testing and left the Biden poster on top of the mailboxes. This is heavily Trump territory.

Watched the second episode of PBS' A to Z on the history of writing, this time it was on printing. Fascinating. Showed how to make papyrus paper, parchment and Chinese calligraphy paper.

Also watched a 90 Day tell-all teaser.

And a Hot Bench episode.

And Andy Cohen had Chelsea Clinton and Samantha Bee on. I can't stand SB, glad most of the attention was on CC.

TWC finally is doing a lot of fire coverage, but not first hand. All their reports are from other networks. And they still pretend that what's happening in the Caribbean is important when nothing is happening.

Plans for tomorrow:
Assemble the chair
Try on the other two sets of undies
College footbal
Iron on the patches
Launder the quilt

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