Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Scammers will scam

Being woken up at 2:45 am by the Skype call tones is not high on my list of fun things. "Monica" was calling. I declined the call. Twice. Then blocked her and uninstalled Skype from my tablet.

Some research showed an iTunes card can't be used to top up a phone data account, Apple says it's a well known scam. Scammers use the card either to buy stuff for themselves or sell it.

I ran her two photos (obviously from different women) through Tineye.com and they were all over the Internet, mostly on scam reporting sites.

Monica sent angry email, claiming I lied to her, so now her email address is in my spam bucket.

"Linda" only sent a chat message, no noise, and at 9 am. Just to say thanks for something I said last night before her connection was lost. He photos are all sort of real. They are all the same woman, plucked from a porn actress' promo site. There were nudes on the site which she did not send. She did not ask for $ so I'll keep talking to her. No voice or video yet, and she says she is visiting her mother in Ghana. She lives in LV. Or so she says. So far she is plausible. I promised to send her more photos of me when I got to the PC so I did.

OK Cupid - no response from the redhead who speaks Thai. But started a conversation with a nursing student.  I dated a lot of nursing students in college and in Israel. Even if it isn't romantic, they are good friends and usually smart.
Followed the directions to iron on a patch, and burned my shorts. Not charred, just discolored. It may wash out. Later I ironed the 3 Hawaiian shirts which needed it.

Laundered the quilt, which helped soften it. It's on the bed, no help from Spook. She did park herself on it last night, the colors are kind of camo for her.

6:30 am Heidi was yelling and scratching at and under the door. I went back to sleep. When I finally got out of bed around noon, I opened her door. Spook magically appeared. Heidi hissed and went back into her room.

2-ish I had a headache  and was feeling down, so I went into Heidi's room, relaxed in the recliner. She came to be petted but wouldn't hop onto my lap. I went to the piano, put it in Yamaha mode then harpsichord mode and played some things. Heidi went crazy, running up and down the tree and fighting with the platforms. Bizarre.

Worked on the melody to I Sing The Body Electric it was easy, but I didn't remember the bridge. Oh wait. The song doesn't have a bridge, the rock band and orchestra take it from there.

4 pm Skype with J got delayed for half an hour

Watched a wee bit of college football. Streamed for an hour, only had chatters the last 20 minutes.

Breakfast was lunch. Dinner was a salad and I wasn't too hungry so had some brie on crackers and some whole pit-in olives. The brie was stale, will deal with it tomorrow. Albertson's FAIL. Finished the last mini can of pringles and scarfed up some trail mix.

Opened the box with the chair and dumped out its contents.

Plans for tomorrow:
Assemble the chair
Haul stuff to the curb
Check on OKC and Skype

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