Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Monday -how did that happen?

Today's adventure is my pacemaker expert at the cardiologist's called, she has not seen any data from my monitor. I check and it's unplugged. Plug it in and it gets data from me but can't connect to the server to send it. Expert is stumped, makes an appointment for me to bring it in next Wednesday.

I do all the things my extensive electronic training says to do, including moving the unit from the bedroom to the office where it has a better chance at a signal, but no luck. I go to the PC, look up the number for Boston Scientific tech support, and after doing all those things again the tech asks if the cell phone dongle is plugged in. Yes, it is. Is it plugged in directly or using the USB extension cable which came with it? Directly because I don't recall a cable. Well that's the problem. The box has a design flaw. The dongle can't plug in all the way directly, the frame of the box is in the way. I hunt up a 10-foot USB extension cable and use that. Success!  

Bring it back into the bedroom and try again, and it still works. She is sending me a shorter cord so I don't need to use the 10-foot extension cable.

Called Amazon shipping support to get them to not send things by USPS. We walk through my settings, and they are already set to deliver to my front door, not the mailbox. She says she will call the courier to see what she can do. On hold with horrible bass "music" loop for 20 minutes. She hits the wrong button and drops the line.  FAIL because she has my phone number she knows I can't call her, but email says she thinks I hung up. Idiot. Gave her a bad review.

Breakfast was lunch, Hgl was good again. BP is a little lower than I like. Felt like I was burning up, took two Dayquil and felt normal again.

Heidi has been getting way too comfortable curled up in corners of the bathroom and bedroom. She's afraid Spook is lying in wait. Spook often is, but she knows to go back to the front room when I walk up to her. I also keep some canned air next to the bed.  Spook hates that stuff, Heidi doesn't always get the  hint.

Watched the Chiefs clobber the Patriots. All the teams are having trouble holding onto the ball this season.

Streamed for 90 minutes - nobody was there for the first half hour, several folks joined in. Just as I was about to log off there was a barrage of trollers. Banned them and used the un-follow page to keep them off.

Watched Below Deck Med. For once no one needed medical care. I thought it would be the last episode of the season but no.

Andy Cohen had Capt. Lee and chef Kiko on. Kate made a cameo appearance, boy does she look sexy.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call the pacemaker person to give her details on the fix
Call the ops person for the park and try to find out what can be planted in my yard and how it gets watered
90 Day Pillow Talk
Maybe go to a nursery and find a big aloe plant or something like it

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