Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Very tired tonight.

Hgl 78 when I woke up, ate a Klondike bar and had some chocolate milk then showered and put my teeth in and got dressed.

Out of one of my meds, doctor hasn't answered th pharmacy request. Tried calling him b ut was on hold 10 minutes and got an answering service. Need to change clinics. Need to do some research.

Watched some 90 Day, PTI and Hot Bench

Delivered to the mailbox was a bath mat from Target which will go into  Heidi's room tomorrow.

Ordered a carrier for Spook. Need to call for an appointment to get her rabies shot

She attacked Heidi a couple of times, left the area when I walked in. She knows she's been a bad boy.

I forget what I had for lunch. Dinner was a salad and a sandwich

Steamed for 90 minutes, lots of chatters.

Women on snapchat and skype -->hangouts

Plans for tomorrow:
Be lazy
Maybe drive to Smith's/Murray's for good spreadable cheese.

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