Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Allergy pills knock me out

A very unmotivated morning - took two allergy pills last night in hopes of un-stuffing my nose and de-phlegming my throat.  It worked, but each time I made a pit stop, I'd daydream on the loo, and when I got up and back to bed I just thumped.

8 am alarm I heard and told it to turn off the lights and speakers. Some kind of error and the speakers were not on and didn't respond. Later saw it was Amazon Music not allowing me to play a certain artist.

Finally up at 11:45 but not at all motivated. Zombied my way to getting showered and dressed and letting Heidi out of her room.

Skipped a lot of the news because it was all VP debate crap. I don't think either Kamala or Pence are worthy. Kamala especially has a very checkered past but has proved to be very useful in the Senate, and not easily replaced. Diane Feinstein is as old as The Mummy, and can't represent CA by herself.

Lots of local news, the police chief/sheriff are blaming out of towners for the rash of violence on the strip, but it's BS because 90% of the strip is always visitors. Locals avoid it. Shoddy patrol work and cops who want to stay in their cars and play with the pretty lights. It's not unusual to see a dozen cars respond to a minor incident.

Filled out a vet form for Spook who is due for her rabies shot 10/18. Called the vet, first appointment they had was in a month. 11/7. Sheesh. They said for an indoor cat it isn't critical.

Filled out DMV forms for a driver's license and registering the car. Need the NV license to register. Need my birth certificate to get a RealID license. And passport. Both of those were supposed to be in a fireproof box in the closet.  Passport was easy to find, but the birth cert was very old and not very presentable. I could have sworn I had a better one. More digging in the same box found it. Folded in thirds, it looked too good, which is why I missed it.

Also need proof of residency, for which I have my car insurance form and the title cert for my house. And I need to trade in my CA license. And my CA license plate. Still missing the second one. I'll contact my insurance company and see if they can nudge the body shop. Filled in the vanity plate form. My first choice is available.

Heidi is still hiding in corners in my bedroom, but I was able to pick her up and hold her for a few minutes, and set her on the bed and pet her for a few more. When I walk up to Spook where she is not suppose to be she knows to go back to the front room.

USPS says they delivered my new phone cover. Will check the mailbox tomorrow morning. 20% chance the ballot will be in there too.

The new Samsung tablet is just as bad as the old one. Ordered a Lenovo with 8-cpu core, at a reasonable price. Need to start listing things on eBay.

Streamed for an hour, more chatters are showing up. OTOH, storm chasers are not chasing. I think some have given up on Twitch and have gone to YouTube. YT is a better platform for that, Twitch is mostly for games.

Plans for tomorrow:
The drugs whupped me today, will drive out to the Moon Valley nursery and ask about
- Red Hot Poker Aloe
- Aloe Vera for indoors?
They plant what they sell. I need to find out if they can plant in my front yard.
Maybe also Murray's Cheese on LV Blvd.

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