Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

One Percent Chance of Rain

That's the prediction for tonight.  End of the day wind and clouds made for quite the sunset.

Woke up at 6 am with low blood sugar. Chomped on a Klondike and drank a glass of chocolate milk, watched an episode of Catfish in which the perp was clearly gay which explains why he was yanking a very pretty girl's chain. Turns out he lived in her town in Venezuela, and while he claimed to not know her from there, I'm sure he did.

Back to bed at 7 or so. 

Got stuck in bed this morning when my girlfriend in Ghana decided to send me some nudes of herself. Time stamps say they are legit. Quite a surprise, because the half dozen she sent previously were from a porn site. They appear to be a younger version of her. They don't have EXIF data.

She says tomorrow she will borrow a camera for her laptop and video chat with me. We'll see if that happens.

1:30 to CVS, the drug I am out of they are out of too, and they said they couldn't fill the prescription because it was for 2x the pills the insurance covers. She said she will fill it but I have to pay retail for 1/2. That's BS. She could order half. Sent a note to doctor, who doesn't seem to get it. I need a new doctor. Open enrollment is next week, I'll ping my expert tomorrow for help. I did get the insulin pens and pen tips. But my Hgl is pretty well under control if I am going low overnight.

Home, put the insulin in the fridge. Too late to go to Valley of the Moon but took photos around the house to show them tomorrow. I have no idea if they will do such a small job.

Watched PTI  joined the RPCV singles zoom for an hour (women showed up this time, one very new pretty one). Streamed for an hour, good chats.

Did two loads of laundry.

Watched Tom Brady humiliated by The Bears. He was useless in the 4th quarter.

TWC is up late predicting dire things for the Gulf coast.

Delivered to the mailbox was a spiffy UFO themed translucent cell phone back cover. And an addendum to the voter pamphlet. And my CA car registration renewal notice (not due till December)

Plans for tomorrow:

Valley of the Moon
Maybe Murray's Cheese
Maybe CVS if they have that drug
Probably more Heidi/Spook action. Heidi has become very affectionate, loves to be petted and head rubbed.

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