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Landscape FAIL, Cheese compromise; Ballot; lap cat

Stayed in bed way too long again. Need to break that habit.

Delivered was the Lenovo tablet, litterbox cartridges, a jar opener, and maybe cat treats are also in the too-large litterbox box.

Emptied the two loads of laundry into the basket, poured the shirts onto the bed, undies still in the basket. Need to sort that tonight.

Doctor did not get it that all he needed to do was halve the prescription. He is so fired. He said I should call the insurance company and see what substitute drug they will cover. That's his job. That's why he went to med school.

Did some research, insurance does not cover any of the alternative drugs. More research pointed me to a possible OTC solution. And pointed me away from the most popular OTC solution which didn't do any better than a placebo in lab tests. $50 for a month's supply, about the same as my share of the prescription. If it works it should be obvious in a few days of taking it.

Drove about 10 miles to Moon Valley landscaping. Talked to the same guy as last time. This time I knew what I wanted and he said they were out of stock on one and he had never seen the other. We looked at an alternative, a pair of agave plants, but he said it would cost $900. No way.

Drove from there to the Smith's on LV Blvd which has a Murray's Cheese section. Two, actually. Did my usual groc shopping first. Scored a pair of ding dongs on sale. A pair of packages, that is. It took some exploring to find Murray's. No sheep cheeses. No non-feta goat cheese except from Cowgirl Dairy, not my fave. They had soon to expire triangles of very nice cow cheese similar to the sheep cheese I like so I grabbed three. And a port salud. And some freshly grated Parmesan.
No mint Klondike, so I got plain. No Buddy ice cream sandwiches, but regular ice cream was on sale, got coffee and mint chip.

Home was a simple drive up LV Blvd, make a right at Luxor onto Tropicana and a long slog. Put stuff away, ate some black forest cake, went online and looked at Star nursery which is close by. Looks like a good place to get a 2nd opinion.

Stopped at the mailbox and got my ballot. It will be deposited near the deadline. Too easy for them to get lost. Too easy for a blustering fat Covid-infected 74-year-old to spontaneously combust, and/or a 77-year-old with a history of cancer and fatal auto crashes in his family. Or aliens could land and impose a one world government.

Watched some TWC putting one woman reporter in the middle of a street in hurricane force winds and rain. Why? That's cruel and useless.

Pelosi is hauling out Article 25, way too late in the game. Idiocy because Pence is the person who makes the decision.

Took a break to plug in the car. It was down to 39%, much more charge than a similar drive would have been before the battery replacement.

Lots of clouds, but no hint of rain. Still in the high 90's in the afternoon. Cool over night though.

Heidi has a new trick, she gets up on her hind legs, stretches out and claws the door jamb. Spook jumped on my lap again but when I leaned forward to get the remote she bailed. And hid under a tray table next to the sofa. Like Heidi does in the bedroom.

Was going to watch Andy Cohen chat with Mariah Carey, but it was to push a book she wrote and he published. Very fishy.

Two episodes of PTI, Deleted a rerun of Below Deck Med and one of their missing scenes one which hardly has any missing scenes.

Whitey Ford lived to be 91. His first MLB game was the year I was born. I saw him pitch on the day before Roger Marris broke the home run record. Our scout troop went, hoping to see the record broken but it didn't happen. Yogi  was catcher, Mickey Mantle was playing too.

Ghana Scammer chatted on hangouts till her network died.

Streamed for a hour, nobody showed up.

Dinner was mac & fromage d'somethingfrench. Coffee ice cream dessert. Jar opener made short work of the jar I couldn't open by hand. Yay.

Plans for tomorrow:
Open the box of litter cartridges and put them away. Hope the jar of treats is in there.
Try the Lenovo tablet. It's big & heavy.
Star Nursery


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