Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Star nursery, Ghana chat, doordash FAIL

After breakfast went to UPS and dropped off the too-big tablet to return to Amazon. Then to Star Nursery up the road. Lots of walking, found what I was looking for in the way of plants but the place was packed so no one at the desk to ask about landscaping services. Will call Monday.

Kind of pricey, but less than Moon Valley by a long shot.

Home, Facebooked and read all the news.

Heidi and Spook shared the bedroom floor a lot of the day with no noises.

Opened the big box, and yes cat treats were in with the litterbox cartridges. Put them all away.

Took a nap at about 4, Ghana Hangouts "girlfriend" got online. Live video chat showed she is real, and she looks great naked. Pretty smile too.

Ordered a Biden lawn sign. And a refurb mouse to replace my wonky one. And a refurb Lenovo 8" octa-core tablet (they are no longer made). It can do 4G, but I  won't enable that.

DoorDash only delivered half my chicken wings order. I now have a credit. Wanted a refund.

Ate half the wings for lunch, the other half for dinner after streaming for more than an hour. Much chatter.

Furosimide after 3 pm, has been doing its job. Maybe too well. My groin hurts - I need those pills prostate.

Watched Clemson beat Miami. They both play dirty.

Plans for tomorrow:
NFL football
Cheese & crackers. Cheese & croissants
Maybe door dash again


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