Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lots of sleeping

Ghana called around 3, we chatted for about 90 minutes. Her name is Linda, she's 36. Her hair is brown but she frosts it. She says she is not a redhead or strawberry blonde. She doesn't know when she will be back in the states. More on her childhood tomorrow.

Watched the Raiders upset the Chiefs.

Cat carrier was delivered. It was harder than it needed to be to put together because it's very flexible. Spook inspected its pieces on the sofa after spending some time on my lap.

Sexy next door neighbor's house is for sale. :-(  She hasn't been home in many days.

Need to call animal control to trap whatever is living under my house. The vent cover is off again.

Changed Heidi's litterbox. She poops a lot more than Spook.

Streamed. Only one chatter.

Took out the garbage & recycles.

Cheese and croissant for lunch, cheese & crackers for dinner. Totally zoned on making a salad. Ding dongs for dinner dessert, finished the pistachio almond ice cream in the afternoon.

I'm feeling stable now.  Time to take meds & refill the pill boxes & watch 90 Day.

Plans for tomorrow:
CVS if the doc sends in the prescription. I doubt he will do so this quickly.
Ping my Medicare plan helper. It's time to change plans and PCP doctor. Cardiologist is good, though.
Maybe go to the bank for cash & $5 bills.
Call Star Nursery about planting stuff.


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