Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Too much food

Ordered delivery from a Philippines place which has real American fried  chicken wings & fries. They also had two noodle dishes which looked good. Arrived in time for lunch, one noodle dish was enough - rice vermicelli with a variety of protein on top and a mild sauce. It was okay. I'll leave the spaghetti for late. And need to ziplock the wings and toss them in the freezer. A dozen of them.

For dinner, doordash again, Thai this time. Tried a fish cake and it nearly set fire to my tongue. Very authentic. Thai iced tea is a good antidote. Seafood See Hiew was done perfectly, could have used more seafood (it was mostly shrimp). Mano/sticky rice will save for later because I wanted to finish the black forest cake first. Seafood pot thai for tomorrow. Ant Thai does an excellent job of making the food and they use solid packaging. But their driver doesn't follow directions, he put it on the carport steps. :-(

Watched the Seahawks game. Almost gave up at halftime, but FFed to the last 5 minutes and they squeezed out a victory. Bad decisions by LA helped a lot.

Started to chat with Ghana, but was interrupted with a call from the Rx insurance, annual meds review which took an hour.

BASFA Zoom meeting, then streamed.

Brought in the garbage.

Ghana showed up in Hangouts, but it turned out to be a delayed last message from yesterday. She woke up and chatted with me though. Told me the story of her life. The only thing that does not make sense is how a half-African woman is all white. Not just passing. Maybe her mother is white. Her father was.

Plans for tomorrow:
CVS if the new drug has been prescribed
Mailbox late pm
Call Star Nursery

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