Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Almost Wednesday

After the morning routine, drove to Star nursery. The cacti I really wanted were too heavy to lift, so I got 4 medium aloe plants, good for indoors.
Got home, next door neighbor Sandy came out and we chatted. She is selling her house because she can't afford the rent increase and he daughter is getting married. And her boyfriend didn't pan out.
And she invited me into her enclosed side yard, and said I could have her very large aloe plants and also a cactus which had been in my yard but the previous owner didn't like it. Call Alfonso to plant them, she suggested.  I need to call him about the screen doors too.

Watched some 90 Day spin-offs, PTI and TWC.

Spook jumping on my lap is a regular thing now but she still won't stay put.

Lunch was the Filipino spaghetti. It was okay.

Watched the Chargers beat up the Saints, but interrupted by Linda on Hangouts from Ghana. Got a lot more of her life story. She grew up near Reno, her dad met her mom on a business trip to Ghana, got her pregnant, brought them both back to Nevada. Dad died 3 years ago, mom is back in Ghana. Linda is very very white, I'm guessing either her mother is also or Linda is catfishing me. I know the first photos she sent were from a porn site, the video chat could have been a recording - no audio and crappy video.

But as long as she doesn't ask for $$...

Dinner was salad and half the seafood pot thai. I tossed the incendiary fish cakes. Coffee ice cream dessert.

Heidi has been using Spook's pile of quilt material in my bedroom, and when I get the she races me to the bathroom. Very friendly.
She likes to stretch out and scratch door jambs

Streamed for an hour, only 1 chatter

Plans for tomorrow:

Call Alfonso

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