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Mister Eclectic

Pry, pry again

In bed for too long again. But who cares? I had nothing to get up for. Called gLee Nails for a 1 pm appointment, did my morning stuff and was there a few minutes early. But they were not ready for me. 30 minute wait. Boo hiss. Nails done by the fill-in person from Sacto. I got orange, it's a bit thin and she offered to do another coat but I wanted to get home to pee.

Home briefly, then to Star Nursery, they had zero in the way of plant stands or racks. But I got a set of 4 pots and saucers to put the aloe in to keep indoors.

CVS, got one prescription and excuses for the one I really needed.

Home, watched the Titans vs the Bills until half-time. Messaged Linda in Ghana, but there was no answer. Watched the Titans destroy the Bills.

PTI was amazed at that.

Hot Bench 2 episodes. Second one an alleged minister couldn't even quote the 10 commandments. Bald-face liar stole $15k from a widow. The court has a $5k limit per case.

Catfish was weird. Two crazy young women with poorly dyed hair were harassing someone who was chatting with one of their exes. Because they were bored.

Late last night the premiere of The Bachelorette Tivo only recorded the final hour. Partly my bad for not re-adding it after the HDD change. For the first time in history, the producers let the bachelorette  not give a rose to the lying a-hole excrement disturber. But she did give a rose to the guy who probably broke the rule that the lawyer was accusing him of breaking.

They also let her keep the guy who big time broke the rules by messaging her during the quarantine when she said "I was struggling really bad. My mom had just fallen and broke her nose, and Blake messaged me. He took that risk just to let me know that he was thinking about me."

She may have already decided who her husband will be, a former NFL player. Seems like a nice guy.

Delivered was the replacement Microsoft mouse, it also included the conroller unit which I don't need. The new mouse works much better than the old one.

Also delivered (2 days early) was the Lenovo tablet. It's pretty good, but the on-screen directions suck. What I thought was the fingerprint sensor was really the cover for the SIM/SD cards. The sensor is built into the power button. WTF?. YouTube video says pry the cover off with your finger but my fingernails are too thick, had to use the blade of a box cutter. popped the SD out of the Samsung and into the Lenovo, and all the stuff was there.

It's updated twice so far. Lots of apps to configure. Maybe I'll stay in bed all day tomorrow and do that.

Went outside at dusk and sat on the steps to see if the feral cats came out. Sandy came out and asked what I was doing, and said "oh, they are in my back yard". She has been sort of colony keeper for them. I really need to trap them and get them fixed, but not if they are in her yard.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Alfonso
RPCV Singles zoom


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