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As planned, after breakfast I called Met Life, told my tale of woe to a rep. She conferenced us with the body shop. Long story short, the person at the front desk found my license plate in 5 minutes. She said my rep is no longer working there. I drove up there and got it.  No mean feat because the 4-lane street they are on was down to only the left lane due to re-paving the whole thing. Had to dodge a lot of traffic barrels.

Home, called Alfonso, told him the work I wanted done, he said he will call 1/2 hour before he got to Tropicana Palms, but he never made it. No rush, this is just for an estimate:
1. Remove both steel frame screen doors
2. Install sliding screen doors
3. Remove carport steps and replace with narrow 2-sided steps
4. Install keypad lock on carport door
5. Fix front door to close easily. Replace it if necessary.
6. Plant aloe from Sandy (next door) in my front yard

Did some searching, found a plant holder at Walmart which can hold the 4 small aloe plants. Meanwhile I'll use barstools.

Spent a lot of time installing apps on the Lenovo tablet. The first file transfer choked it with all my music files, which I don't need on there. Factory reset, load the apps one by one.

Port Salud on crackers for lunch.

Realized I had not installed the Kindle app on the tablet. That app was the original reason I have a tablet. Rectified that.

Spook surprised me and curled up on the bed - I had the slats open on the windows and she worked on her tan. Camo cat:

Watched Masked Singer. "Seahorse" is a woman with great hips and legs and the way she sang My Heart Will Go On was spectacular. Effortless, diaphragm control, a 4-octave range without gaps. Beautiful voice. I would be surprised to see Celine Dione under that costume,  the voice is younger and more controlled. Like a flute. Too tall to be Kristin Chenoweth. The non-singer who was unmasked is an NFL QB apparently.

Delivered was a pair of box cutters, and a packet of blades so I was able to reload my go-to cutter. Great quality on the new ones.

Salad and the other half of the pot thai for dinner. Watched more of the animated Star Trek parody on Amazon Prime, Lower Decks. Continues to be too chatty, too loud, too violent and not well written.

Linda from Ghana chimed in at about 3 pm, and kept me chatting till after 7. She hooked up her friend's camera and after not being able to see her on Hangouts, we tried Skype and I got to see her showing off her new bed, wearing a yellow nightie. Very weak audio, I have no idea what she sounds like. We talked a little politics. She isn't a US citizen, she votes in Ghana.  They have direct elections for pres/vp with 9 parties. Parliament is only one house.
Talked too long to make it onto the RPCV Zoom meeting. Streamed for an  hour.

Coffee ice cream with walnuts for dessert.

Spook camped out on the fleece in Heidi's room while Heidi hid in the bathroom. Heidi followed me back to her room when the coast was clear.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hopefully Alfonso will come over
Put the small aloe into the pots and bring them inside.
Watch the final episode of Lower Decks
TNF on Tivo

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