Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The earlier I get up the slower the day seems

Up at 8:30. Ate the last banana. Will need to go shopping. CVS is still not filling the last prescription. Thought I had a UTI but it was just asparagus in the Thai food.

Cheese, baloney on croissant for lunch.

Finished the last Buddy ice cream.

Transferred the 4 small aloe plants into pots/saucers and found places for them in the house.

Set up the selfie stand and 10-second delay on the phone cam and shot some NSW pix for Linda in Ghana.

Watched PTI x 2, the last episode of Lower Decks and the final Just Scene Below Deck Med

Turned off Mobile Data on the Lenovo, it should stop bothering me about a SIM card now.

Linda showed up after 6 pm, very late for her, we chatted for an hour. She liked the photos and will take some of herself tomorrow.

Streamed for an hour+. Banned a troll who showed up as I was leaving.

Heidi stayed in her room all day, Spook was often on the bath mat in there or the fleece blanket. But night time saw Heidi in my room. I was almost able to calm her when Spook came close.

Salad and Filipino fried chicken for dinner. Heated up the corn, but it smelled like it had turned. Mint chip ice cream and the last of one small whipped cream can. There's another.

Looking for alternative pharmacy again. Costco doesn't work with my insurance. Maybe sign up for Walmart delivery.

Broke a tumbler full of cola and ice. Swiffer is not a mop. The mop which they left behind is also not a mop. I have plenty of tumblers, so no big deal.

Plans for tomorrow:
Albertson's surgical strike shopping. Maybe at the big one off Nellis.
Alfonso hasn't called back.
Medicare research

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