Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Big Store Shopping

No bananas, so I had a ding dong & HB egg for breakfast.

Drove to the big Albertson's off Nellis. Got all the things, and then some. They did not have any cat toys. They were all about dogs. :-(

Just for grins I checked the candy aisle and lo and behold they had a whole rack of Ghirardelli 3 oz Cabernet dark chocolate bars. I grabbed 5. They were on  sale. At the check-out, they were not in the system, so she had to fake it out by grabbing another flavor and scanning it in 5x. And she filled out a small form to report the "new" item for the spreadsheet.

Also bought apples (golden delicious) for the first time in ages.

They did not have ding dongs. They did not have mint chip Klondike bars. They did have the Buddy chocolate ice cream treats. And Pringles. And lots of Dole fruit drink mixes so I have been having banana-strawberry-orange all afternoon.

Got bananas, salad greens and cherry tomatoes, of course. And red onions.

Home, put stuff away. Spook was making herself at home in Heidi's room on the bath mat. I let her be for a long while but eventually shooed her and instead of going into the livingroom she went into the bedroom and camped out on the new quilt.

She keeps testing Heidi's limits. There has been some fur flying.

Cup o noodles for lunch, I tried some herring in sour cream but it was too much vinegar. Buttered a croissant and ate that. Apple slices in honey was good but not enough, so...Mint chip ice cream.

Linda chatted on Hangouts from Ghana, she sent a series of beautiful photos, long purple dress in a studio-like setting. Work-safe except for the last two. Her internet went down, there are probably more photos, probably tomorrow.

Streamed for an hour. Lots of lurkers but no chatters.

Delivered was that OTC med. 3 a day. Started taking them.

Also delivered were the two birth certificates, but they are not copies of the actual cert, the are a barebones cert from the state records dept. saying they have a record f me being born. Like Obama's iffy birth cert. I'll use my real one Monday.

At least 6 flyers to early vote.  No. They are trying too hard.

Did I mention that yesterday I put the photos back in the box? Or that I set up the green screen frame thinking I could hang plants from it? It's not solid enough.

Gold Rush was mostly interviews, it was a wrap of last year. New season next week. 90 Day The Other Way was a teaser.

Plans for tomorrow:
Break down cardboard boxes for recycle
Garbage night
Probably stay home

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