Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Nothing happened today

out of bed at noon.
Heidi slept on the bed past my feet all night. That's a first. It's not easy to coax her up there.

Unscrewed the front license plate from the broken frame. Put it in a folder with all the paperwork for the driver's license and car registration. Put a screwdriver in the car so I can remove the rear plate when I get to the DMV.

Early morning the last photo from Ghana appeared, but no Linda till 9 pm. And she bailed. I sent her a link to a page with all the copies of one of her photos on the Internet. We're probably done. I need a meme of a cat + a fish

Took out the garbage and hauled a bunch of junk out to the curb for bulk pickup.

Had a salad. Not hungry for more dinner. Watching football on Tivo.

Charging the car because it would be sad to run out of juice at the DMV

Plans for tomorrow:
Noon DMV appointment
Bring package to PO to refuse delivery

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