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The Rest of the Story

It was an exhausting day. The usual breakfast, a little early because I was up a little early. Heidi spent the night on the foot of my bed again, and Spook came in a couple of times, there were loud but brief fights around 4 am. Heidi stood her ground.

Did the Internets, and gathered all the things for the DMV appointments. Took a folio of the things out to the car, along with my bottle of ice water and the big box from China which needed to be returned to sender.

GPS found the DMV no problem, it was a very direct trip except for the last turn, which was half a block before the GPS said. There was fuel-efficient car parking right up front. It was 11:35, had to wait 10 minutes before getting in line for my noon appointment. Took the rear plate off and added it to the folio.

They had those movie theater style cordons set up and a woman in an orange vest who was supposed to be helping was instead loving to hear herself talk. Eventually the gatekeeper showed up and motioned me past her into the line, and I was let in at 11:45 for my noon appointment.

Waited in line (5 people ahead of me) to check in.

Check-in person was a young man who was listening impaired. His hearing was fine. He pushed a driver's license application at me and a piece of scrap paper with a code number on it. I showed him my already filled out paperwork and he took back the application and pushed forward the scrap paper. And pointed me vaguely in the direction of the rest of the building which was a grid of 6-feet-apart chairs.

I sat down in one, looked around and did not see any readerboard. Moved to the center of the room and in front way up above the clerk windows was a huge monitor playing commercials, with the right sidebar listing code numbers and which window to report to.

About 15 minutes later my code said go to window 12.

Very attractive woman at the window, I explained that I had three tasks for us:
- Register my car
- Personalized license plate
- Driver's license

We did the DL first because one needs a NV DL to register a car.

The fact that my CA DL is a RealID let her skip a lot of steps. But it was a challenge to satisfy the NV residency proof. Title to my house was not accepted because it had been emailed to me. WTF? But my NV auto insurance card and my voter registration card did the trick. Passport and birth certificate helped for the RealID part.

She was very personable through this whole ordeal. Sense of humor helped.

She printed the profile of me she had built, needed to change my birthplace from CA to NY and add my email address. Everything else was correct.

$18.25 on the debit card for the license.

She made a little packet with my CA DL, proofs of residency and a validation slip and told me that after we finished the license plate stuff I needed to go to the "blue wall" and get my picture taken.

Last things first, we applied for the HOWEIRD personalized plate. But the system only allowed 6 characters. The basic NV plate is XXX * XXX where the * is a little image of the state of Nevada. But when I was online it accepted the 7 characters, and I showed her my CA plates. She called over the guy from the next window and he had her erase what she had done and call up the "Nevada Is Home" plate. That's the only one which accepts 7 characters.

$43 on the debit card for that

Next, filled out the form to register the car, and was 99% done but I needed to drive the car to the VIN inspection line outside. I'd seen the signs for that when I was parking. So she gave me a slip to show the inspector, and my DL packet. Went to have my CA DL voided, signature recorded and photo taken. How will anyone recognize me with my mask off?

Drove around the back of the building, 4 cars ahead of me. About 10 minutes to wait. Inspector was very efficient, bar coded inside my front door and photographed the VIN plate on the dashboard. Went into his office, came out with a VIN certificate.

Parked in the same spot, was blocked from re-entering by the same orange vest woman who was busy confusing a customer about 3 fax numbers. Gatekeeper motioned me around to the side and let me in.

#12 was busy with a couple. 10 minutes later she motioned me to wait while another customer had returned from an errand. "This will take a while" she said, and after another 5 minutes arranged for #14 to finish my case. #14 had to get my paperwork from #12, but from there it was easy.

$575 from my travel rewards VISA card got me a slip with the registration decal (10/2021) and a piece of paper folded into the 1/4 showing the validated temporary registration. She said it was not good outside of NV. I'll get a text when my plates can be picked up. She offered tape, but I figured I would only mess it up.

And she asked if I wanted my CA plates back. Sure! But she had to keep the one with the reg decal, so I got the damaged one which had been on the front of the car.


Next stop was the post office which was kind of on the way home. Stood in line with the bulky but light box from China, about 20 minutes to get to the clerk because people in front were not paying attention as the line moved up. 20 seconds at the window "we'll return this to sender". Haveaniceday.

Home, too pooped to stop off at WalMart for the prescription they texted about. Turned out to be syringes, which I don't need yet. The CVS transfers are still in limbo.

Taped the temp reg to the upper right windshield.

Facebooked, watched some football, then Below Deck Med reunion part 1, which was an hour I'll never get back. Then a 90 Day The Other Way pillow talk. Very entertaining. But exhausting.

BASFA Zoom meeting was short but complete. It does not look like they can resume the dinner meetings any time soon due to the restrictions on meeting sizes. Maybe 10 could attend.

Streamed, but cut it short by 6 minutes when the only chatter was a clueless newbie.

Dinner salad then Filipino chicken plus creamed corn. Mint chip ice cream.

It was late, I was tired, wrote a placeholder and shut the PC.


Plans for Tuesday:
Watch football on Tivo
May or may not get dressed
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