Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Up several times to pee, way more than normal. Maybe those OTC pills are working wrong. Heidi on the bed again. Out of bed at 5-ish, put on a robe & slippers and put my teeth in. Shufled to the kitchen for Hgl reading - super high, very surprising. Shot up some high-test insulin.

Breakfast was in front of the TV.

Stripped the sheets and threw them in the recycle hold. Ordered a new set because most of the ones I have are old and don't hold there shape on the bed.

Made the bed - Spook helped a lot.

Dressed & Internet.

Ghana girl made up a totally unbelievable story. I wrote back that I'll ignore her till we meet in person, until then she's some guy in Africa stealing a white girl's photos.

Nothing on Tivo except football games. Watched the 49ers win. deleted the other games.

Fired up the DVD player and played 42. I thought any competent black actor could have played Jackie, Boseman was just that. Nothing more. Which is what I thought about him in Black Panther too. OTOH Harrison Ford was Acting™. So was Nicole Beharie. Very uneven writing & editing. Continuity issues here and there. Impressive collection of period cars. I bet there is a reason he was given 42, but they missed that bit.

Pringles all day.

Many more pit stops.

Took a nap. Needed it.

Nothing delivered.

Streamed. No one chatted

Salad and creamed corn for dinner, coffee ice cream.

Watched Gold Rush. I hate how they destroy the environment.

PTI. Tony needs to get back in the studio.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe go shoot some birds

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