Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lots of deliveries, some FAILs

Heidi was shut in her room last night, so she was not on my bed.

USPS showed something from the DMV, so after meds but before breakfast I harvested the contents of the mailbox. There was a package in a storage bin too. Headset for streaming. The idea was a mic near my mouth would be better than one on a stick a foot away. Crappy mic, too much delay in the earphones. Not worth sending back $20 item.

Courier left a huge box from PetSmart on the front porch.  Better food tower for Heidi and a pile of small toys for both of them.

Postman delivered to my back door (he pounded on the wall instead of using the bell) two items. A Biden/Harris yard sign I ordered back on the 10th but no longer want. There's a Biden-only one coming soon. Also delivered was a set of moth "bars" hangers, all three were chipped despite the padding.

Another courier left an amazon box which was hastily put together. Three syrups had been wrapped in plastic haphazardly and leaked onto the wrapping and also onto the box. A 4-pack of body wash in a cardboard box which had been ripped open. Nothing spilled. And one lone Piña colada mix bottle was just sitting in the bottom, unharmed.

Logged into Home Depot and ordered a water heater w/installation. The one in there now is illegal and doesn't work well.

Brokerage, ordered my Harley and Wendy's stock sold to cover that cost. Both have more than doubled since I bought them at the start of the plague.

I set up the food tower in Heidi's room, poured the kibble from the small one to this larger one.

Refilled the water for both cats.

Put the body wash away. Set up the moth bars and hung them where they might do some good. The cedar/lavender sachets have failed.

The DMV letter was the registration slip for the HOWEIRD license plate.

Called the medicare broker, we had a long talk because neither of us knows how to shut up. I texted her my info and she will send me snailmail forms to fill out & return.

Skype call with J.

Georgiana had sent several skype messages and tried to call while the PC was off. She finally got ahold of me, but it's phony. Scammer was playing a video clip with the sound off. The woman in the clip was obviously having a conversation with not-me, and it repeated 3x. There was no keyboard evident, yet she was text chatting with me.

RPCV zoom session wasn't set up correctly no one could join. So I streamed at 6, long stream. Joined the zoom later for a bit.

Cardiologist's office called, made an appointment for Tuesday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe shut Spook in Heidi's room and give Heidi the run of the house. Not sure if that will work.

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