Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another day of waiting for a cashectomy

Call at 8 am from the company which was assigned by Home Depot to install the water heater. Disconnected before I could say anything. Called them back, long wait in a phone tree but the dispatcher couldn't hear me. I walked to the front of the house and he called back. That worked. Quoted $1300**, and said there was a cancellation so it could be done this morning. Tech would be there probably by 11 am.

Low Hgl reading. Hmmm.

Moved my car out of the driveway onto the street because the water tank closet is out on the carport.. Did my morning stuff and waited. 12:30 tried to call for a status but their phone system was broken, After 3 tries I replied to the initial email and asked for an update.

About 1 pm the truck arrived, he had not used the gate code. He said he tried to phone but my line was busy.

GQ handsome guy, probably new in town because he was sweating despite the cool 80° temp and breeze. I brought out a chair and watched the proceedings.

A lot of the work was to bring the closet up to code. It was a mess in there, the old tank was too big for a manufactured home. Pipes were bent or too long. The earthquake strapping (plumber's tape) had been cut and was mostly missing.

The new tank fit properly, and has a pair of seatbelts. PCV pipe replaced with copper, and drainage is now onto the driveway not under the house.

The piezoelectric lighter didn't work at first. But he got it lit eventually. I had to run the hot water in the bathrooms and kitchen to bleed out the air. Sputtered real good.

Will know with tomorrow's shower if the water is hotter.

He didn't use the driveway ramp - just wheeled stuff across the gravel. I didn't have to move the car after all. **The code upgrade was another $600 so $2k. Ouch!

Low blood sugar because no food. Inhaled some ice cream.

Ordered pizza & chicken wings from the local pizzeria via door dash for 6 pm delivery.

4 pm, drove to the big Albertson's for some routine shopping (bananas, etc.). They had no creamed corn or Nissan cup o noodles but they had top ramen. Also out of house brand marinated artichoke hearts so I got the usually more expensive band which was marked down. They had ding dongs on sale.

Home. No football.

Pizza arrived a few minutes after I got home. Only one piece of baklava. I thought I'd ordered 2 but I was mistaken. The wings are not battered, just baked. Small the way I like, will try them for lunch tomorrow. Pizza is too salty, too thin. Four pieces for dinner, a pizza and a half bagged (2 slices per) and frozen. Baklava was over-baked and way too much honey. I'll cross this place off my list. 2.5 stars.

Two episodes of Hot Bench. They are a magnet for bald faced liars.

TMC has creature features on Fridays. Caught the last 10 minutes of Creature From The Black Lagoon, and am recording The Blob.

Streamed for an hour, lots of chatters.

The cats were fighting. Spook was at the bottom of Heidi's tree and Heidi was at the top. Earlier I carried Heidi to the livingroom and plopped her down by Spook's food & water but she zoomed back to her room. Spook hid behind the computer hutch. So much for the space swap.

Delivered was the queen bed sheet set from (?) Walmart. In the mailbox was solme viagra.

Plans for tomorrow:
Quality time with Heidi
College football
The Blob.

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