Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sunday stuff happened. Monday not so much

10/25 featured a trip to Walmart to see about a couple of prescriptions. I had ordered a refill of "tz" which was supposed to be ready 4 pm, but I also had two others which needed to be sent back to stock, and "af" which never got transferred from CVS.

AF was a replacement for tz because CVS was never able to find it in stock. I switched back to Walmart because they always had it in stock. But they had shut the door near the pharmacy and put up a barricade on the other door, making it a very long walk from the parking lot to their pharmacy, so I switched to CVS.

I had learned my lesson and parked all the way at the end of the store, and shuffled the long route to the pharmacy, only to discover the Covid Theater was gone. No barricades, and both doors now open.

Pharmacy put my two unwanted items back in stock, said they would call CVS about af, and could fill my tz order in 10 minutes.

So I shuffled back to the far end of the building, got a cart to use as a walker, and got back in line. She had my tz.

Thought about getting some egg nog but went home instead.

 Opened the package, decided to take my 2 tablet dose of tz right away since I had been without for more than a month.

Got settled in the recliner and tried to take my BP. Batteries were drained in the meter. Got up to get batteries, felt dizzy, next thing I knew I was falling against the recliner then rebounded against the tray table. Toppled the recliner and broke the tray table. Slowly got the recliner back in place and sat in it. After a few minutes got batteries, took my BP - it was way low but my pulse was high.

I was taking tz for an enlarged prostate, further research showed it is mostly used to lower BP and it's pretty strong.

Next pit stop I punched the button on the pacemaker monitor to send data from the incident. I have a cardiologist appointment for 10/27.

Monday, Spook climbed Heidi's tree while she was toward the top. There was a brief skirmish but Spook is making progress.

BASFA zoom meeting.

Streamed before and after.

Watched very long Below Deck Reunion Part 2, in which Jess made an ass of herself. Malia and Tom appear to be back together. Alex and Busy have too much chemistry not to get together. Aesha is too cute. Rob says he's not on drugs but who knows? Hannah pretends being out of yachting was her choice. 


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