Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Cardiology appt., Discount Tire fill up, 99 Ranch Thai Tea & Albertson's FAIL --> shower

 Tuesday started out okay with a late breakfast and an on time arrival at Cardiology. Doctor called me in because he was seeing afib issues. After going over the CVS drug delivery mess, he doubled my dosage of the afib med, but now that I have the drug (from Walmart) we'll wait a month to do blood work, and a return visit w/EKG. It seems my cardiologists in CA should have had me on the afib med 2x a day, not just 1x. And the missing med affects afib.

Before I left, my car was giving a low tire pressure alarm in all 4 tires, due to the 50° drop in temps overnight. So after the appt. I drove to the nearest Discount Tire and waited n line for half an hour (it was lunchtime) to get the tires filled. They have a good system, I just went to the busy one at the busy time.

But across the street was a 99 Ranch, so I popped in there for lamyay, limes and canned Thai Iced Tea.

My tummy was telling me to go straight home, but I'd heard there was egg nog at Albertson's so I stopped in there to use the restroom, but it was out of service.

No egg nog! :-(

Home, got to the bathroom about 2 minutes too late, spent half an hour cleaning up the mess, and took a shower. Confused the heck out of Heidi.

The rest of the day was quiet.

Watched the football game from yesterday, PTI had many rude comments about The Bears.

The Bachelorette keeps getting more farcical. She fell in love at first sight, a guy named Dale, former NFL player. Handsome, articulate, nice guy, empathetic, what's not to love? IRL she would have sent the other suitors home and put a ring on it. But the producers don't get the ad revenue that way, and they insist that she continue the farce. Meanwhile the other guys don't get it that her mind is made up, and it's not their fault and also not their right to have time with her. She has sent 3 guys home already. But just like the last season she wasted everyone's time by not showing up for events, not going on dates or even chat sessions. She spent that time cuddling in bed with Dale.

The previews of next week look like there will be a mutiny, and she's going to bail.

Below Deck was a bait & switch. A poorly edited monatge of Capt. Lee's bloopers/worst moments. I was wanting an actual episode. FAIL.

Plans for Wed:
Sleep in
Referee the Spook-Heidi fights
Nest thermostat installation

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