Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Just one major event

Slept in. Watched videos on the tablet from bed. Watched Spook try to make friends with Heidi. Heidi spent some of the night and some of the morning on my bed, but the peace treaty attempt was when Heidi was curled up as hard as she could be on the floor in the corner of my bedroom.

Spook also has been using my lap as a springboard to the arm of the sofa, which she thinks is a scratching post. Heidi loves stretching out on her hind legs and using the door jambs as a scratching post.

2 pm, Nest installer arrived. He found the same wiring foo as the Honeywell installers did. Voltmeter to the rescue. Google Home on my phone won't let me add it but Alexa did. Need to try again on the tablet. On the phone it keeps refusing my login. The same login works on my PC and on the nest app on the phone & tablet. Go figure.

Water heater & nest charges showed up today on my credit card. Xferred $$ from stock to my bank to cover those.

Found a deal on Amazon for a case of Nissin cup o noodles (chicken flavor) for 53¢ each cup. Grocery store is usually out of them, but wants $1+ when they have them. Maruchan brand is readily available but decidedly inferior.

Watched 1 storm chaser not get anywhere near the hurricane.

Took a nap at 6-7 pm, streamed 7:30-8:30 with 3 chatters

PTI, Hot Bench and some TWC fearmongering. A FB friend in NOLA posted hurricane videos, looks like just a storm with some rain and a lot of wind. TWC was hard pressed to find actual flooding - about calf deep. BFD.

Twitter feed says the Bachelorette was fired and a replacement named. Replacement is 10x sexier. But I doubt the guys who signed up for Clare would be interested.

Made an omelet for dinner (after the salad). Pringles and Sandies for lunch. And Thai iced tea. Need to remember sweetened condensed milk next time.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call & maybe visit Democrat HQ. Or maybe just put the Biden/Harris sign up.
Maybe call for a nail appt.

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