Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Nails, PO, egg nog, oops, masked singer

Breakfast & news sites.

There's a new chain of clinics opening, aimed at senior care. Very polite but aggressive marketing, hooked me up with a new PCP appointment Nov. 10. Broker found that my move entitled me to switch from Cigna early. Humana plan.

2 pm appointment for nails 20 minute wait. Yet another person did my nails. No color this time.

Put the Biden/Harris yard sign in the front yard

PO, refused the tea kettle

Albertson's, they had a whole end display of egg nog. Bought two half gallons of house brand regular. Also got milk, OJ, HB eggs, artichoke hearts, cream corn and Stax.

Home, leaked on the way. Took off pants & underpants and added #2 to the throne.  put on fresh undies & shorts.

Spook came in to harass Heidi while I was on the john. Hid under the bed but fled when I whipped the covers off.

Watched a storm chaser en route to MO.

Lots on Tivo. TNF, PTI, Masked Singer group 3 - no talent there. They skipped the vote because Wendy Williams went straight to the reveal when 3 panelist guessed her.  She can't sing, they wheeled her in because she can't walk let alone dance. Good riddance. IMHO it abuses the show when the contestants aren't there to perform.

Football game was horrible, low scoring, not a lot of good lays, plenty of flags.

RPCV zoom, then streamed. Lots of chatters, most showed up late.

Mailbox was full of Tuesday shopper, 7 vote flyers and a letter from the park saying they are raising the rent in January but giving us 3 months' credit so it doesn't actually go up until April.

Got out the nutmeg and tried the egg nog. FAIL. Too thin. I'll try some other brands.

Noshed on stax, no room for dinner.

Many trips to #1. I should see a doctor. but first give the drug time to work.

Plans for tomorrow:
Fill in my ballot so I can copy it when I vote Tuesday
Order Quicken compatible checks?

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