Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It was a UTI after all

Felt like I'd given the terazosin time to work, still seeing and feeling symptoms, drove to the clinic, urgent care. Peed in a cup. Doctor said yup, it's UTI, she will send a prescription the Walmart.

Thought about going got the bighorn ram park, but it was too far for the amount of car battery charge. Maybe tomorrow. 

Mega Albertson's on the way home, bought 5 brands if egg nog quart containers. Bananas and for no apparent reason a dozen donuts.

Home, filled a glass with Southern Comfort (non-alcoholic) egg nog. Added some nutmeg. Watched PTI and I Can See Your Voice.  Excellent egg nog.

Walmart emailed to come get my drugs. So I did.

Three items: the antibiotic for the UTI, take every 12 hours. The alternative for the terazosin and immodium generic.

Home, took an antibiotic. Will take another at bedtime.

Neighbor left a jar of kibble for me to put in the feral cats' dish, but it was already full, so tomorrow morning. I've seen 2 of them go under my house.

Watched Hot Bench and some Good Morning Football.  And a Match Game. The contestants had no clue. A couple of times there was one obvious answer - all 6 panelists agreed - the contestant came out with nonsense.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe shoot me some sheep? Have to charge the car 1st

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