Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Stay Home Saturday

Out and about by noon. Charged the car. Filled the feral cat food dish on Sandi's porch.

Stayed home. Watched some bad college football.

Donuts for lunch.

Beans & franks for dinner.

Lamyay dessert and also an ice cream sandwich.

Mostly drank soda water. Some egg nog before bed.

Gold Rush had a 2-hour episode. Too many people thinking strip mining is OK.

Russel Stover chocolates are much better at room temp than out of the fridge.

Took a nap at 4-6, Spook curled up next to me. Heidi came into the room and hid in the bathroom. She had spent much of last night on the bed.

Spook was on my lap during much of the Gold Rush.

90 Day The Other Way teaser posed more questions than it answered.

Plans for tomorrow:
Feed the feral cats
Find the polling place
check the mail
Watch football

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