Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

November Fools Day, Drive by polling, football

Spook curled up next to me after the alarm went off and I stayed in bed playing on the tablet.

Another donut and HB egg breakfast.

Filled the feral cats' kibble bowl. Someone put out  a water bowl. Hmmm.

Punched the polling place into the GPS and drove out there. Very close. Long light at Boulder Hwy. Should be easy enough Tuesday.

Stopped by the mailbox, the package I refused at the PO the other day was delivered to me. Idiots. So I marked every side "refused", blotted out my name & address and marked it return t sender. Left it on top of the mail boxes, which seems to be our way to send mail.

Watched the Raiders win under cold, sleet, hail and snow in Cleveland. And the Seahawks handled the 49ers, partly because the 9ers trainers suck. Lots of injuries.

In the mail was a letter from the water tank installers saying to call them to arrange a county inspection. It included the permit.

Streamed for an hour, chatters didn't stay long.

Not much garbage/recycled to take out.  Bulk collection only gets the broken tray table.

90 Day The Other Way went better and worse than expected. Sumit's divorce cost his dad $10k which he has no way to pay back. And no, his folks won't let him marry Jenny. Deavan has unrealistic ideas about what cheating is. She should go home. But I will miss those gorgeous eyes and so will the videographers. Cheese stick and mini did not get enough air time. Yazan is more insane than ever, he needs to be put on suicide watch. The good news is it looks like Brittany has come to her senses and won't be returning to Jordan. But we won't know till next week. Armando and Kenny have been denied a marriage license but the clerk gave them a way around that. To be continued. But Kenny is finally realizing how far and wide the anti-gay goes in Meh-hee-ko. Ari is such a baby, How does a Jewish woman fight against her son's circumcision?. But I have to admit it sounded like the Dr. dd it without pain killers.

Gold Rush was deleted, it was anther virus edition.

Refilled all the drugs
Refilled all the soda stream bottles

Lots of trips to pee, it seems to be getting better, incrementally. I hope I'm okay for waiting in lie to vote.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call for a water tank inspection

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