Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Normal Monday with benefits

Out of bed at 11 with low-ish Hgl. Took meds, did my usual online reading.

Called to get a water tank inspection appointment.  She said sometime between 7 am and 4 pm Wednesday. I'll leave the left-behind tool for them to find.

Moved my mic arm to the other side of the desk. It gets the mic out of the fan air flow, but it's in an awkward place for using the keyboard. More options to be explored.

The garbage trucks didn't come by till after 2 pm. It was cool enough outside to bring the bins in right away. And also went to check the mail because Informed Delivery said my driver's license was there.

It wasn't. Nothing was in the box. But my parcel was gone - the one I was refusing delivery on.

Watched some streamers. Drank a lot of sodas. Peed early & often. So far the antibiotic is not working. Several more days to go.

Hot Bench, PTI and a Gordon Ramsey special on cooking in Laos, where he tries all kinds of bizarre things, and cooks for monks at a Thai temple.

Watched half the Tampa/NYC game. Then basfa Zoom which was not well attended, then the end of the game (Brady won, darn it).

Spook likes sitting on my lap, sort of. She mostly puts her butt on the recliner arm and her front paws on my high, and sometimes walks toward the other side, but doesn't lie down. But she stays for 10-15 minutes. And uses it was a springboard to the arm of the sofa. She claws that and turns around, sits up and stares at me. Sometimes she returns to my lap sometimes she uses it to get down to floor level.

Heidi comes out of her room and stays in mine. Tonight she had to fight Spook to get out of her room.

When I take a leak Heidi stretches on her hind legs and claws the door jamb. Then she comes over to me and vocalizes and likes to be petted and rubs herself against my leg.

Last night she spent most of the night on the bed, but bailed when I woke up. I expect her to do the same tonight.

Streamed for half an hour but nobody joined in so I cut it short.

10 pm, drove to the mailbox and yes, my driver's license was there! So was paperwork from my auto insurance saying there was a change of driver info. And more discounts, so $45 lower monthly premium.

Below Deck and then Andy Cohen with 2 crew members. This was a meet the new crew episode, very hard to follow. One crew member already gone - his grandma was dying. Less than a day for everyone to learn the boat and bring on guests. Horrible timing, producers. Once again 3rd stew is a FAIL. And one of the crew as well.

Plans for tomorrow:

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