Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I voted. My license plates arrived

No cats overnight. Good Hgl. Banana & HB egg breakfast.

Couldn't wait so went to vote. Got there around 9:45. No line, lots of poll workers well trained got me to the check-in.
The touch screen software was beautiful. Presented on a ~20-inch monitor in portrait mode, simple, easy to follow layout, did not need my reading glasses but wore them anyway. The only gotcha is at the end it wants me to "print" the ballot. What it actually wanted was for me to send each of 4 pages of my ballot to a printer-scanner built into the unit which I did not get a copy of. The results apparently were sent to the county electronically and there's a paper trail as well.
I'm guessing there were about 50 poll workers, they were in the parking lot and all around the building guiding voters to the one entrance, to a check-in window where my registration card was scanned and 2 samples of my signature were compared to what was on file at the county. Given a key card. Then a worker explained the process, pointed out a free voting booth (there were about 20 of them) I put the card in the slot and the software took it from there.

Too lazy to flip the image.

Before I left, USPS informed delivery said my license plates were out for delivery. I had it text me when they got here.

Meanwhile, at home watched some streamers and channel surfed on TV. Not interested in "news" channels because they had none and like to make stuff up.

About 2:30 text said my plates were in the mailbox. Waited a couple of hours then retrieved them. They were shrink wrapped together, the W is a bit funky because they had to use a compressed font to fit it in.

"Home means Nevada"

Need to call Nissan parts and find out about a way to mount the front plate.

Laid down in bed for a while, Spook joined me. No nap, just played on the tablet.

Watched PTI, streamed, two chatters, one drunk in UK.

No real meals, been nibbling all day.

Lots of trips to pee. UTI is still with me.

Plans for tomorrow:
unknown time - water tank inspection
10-ish call Nissan parts
Maybe hear election results.

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