Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The morning after

I expected the election to be a landslide for Biden. Shocked at how red the country is. Nice to know my Nevada vote can make a difference. We'll know tomorrow when the Las Vegas area vote count is announced. Maybe.

Called Nissan, they have the part in the warehouse, I needed to go to the dealership and order it. Which I did.

Home, water tank inspector called, said he would be there in 20. An hour later no gate code request, no doorbell ring so I called. Seems he had come in did his thing and left in non-contact mode. He emailed me the permit approval.

Channel surfed.

Heidi pooped in my bathroom, so I shut her in her room. Enough of this being too scared of Spook to go into her own room.

Spook camped out on my bed much of the morning.

A young woman was streaming from her dad's sailboat in Western FL. Beautiful day, solid signal, lots of the usual suspects on chat. I stayed on the page (with occasional pee breaks) until sundown at the dock, and she sent everyone to CritterVision page.

Listened a bit to Iamreallyimportant's Biden waiting room stream. Mostly bad news. The Senate did not flip.

Plans for tomorrow:
P/U the license plate frame
P/U meds at Walmart after 3 pm
Brace for disappointment

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