Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lots of driving, not lots accomplished

So after breakfast I called the clinic and asked them to message the nurse practitioner to let her know the pills did not work. The reply was to come back to the clinic. So I did.

A long wait to check in because the person ahead of me did not have her stuff together and was flustered about it. She was trying to check in her very elderly mother. Finally checked in, 5 minutes to be called back. They needed another sample, which I went to do but when I returned nobody was there. About 5 minutes of wandering around lost the nurse finally showed up.

NP came out, told me that there was actually no bacteria in the sample last week. And blood in the sample today. Not a UTI after all. She will make me an appointment with a urologist.

I think I know what it is, and am blaming the Larry King OTC pills.

Meanwhile I still have not got the packet for the Humana medicare program. Will call in the morning.

Next stop, Nissan. Picked up the license plate frame, got a hint on how to install it from a very intransigent parts guy.

On to Walmart, a major FAIL. None of the prescriptions the web site let me order refills for were refillable - all were ordered too soon.

Thanks to the delay, on the way home my bladder opened up. Home, took off all my wet things, dried off by towel and fan, curled up in bed to relax. Spook joined me.

Got dressed in dry clothes, lunch was a croissant with a slice of pastrami. Dinner took the rest of the packet of pastrami, cut up and sauteed with garlic, and added to macaroni & cheese.

RPCV zoom meeting was good, except for the one woman who would not shut up about how she had no sense of humor about the election. So I continued to post funny election memes.

Streamed for an hour. Only my one regular chatter.

Watched a very long Catfish episode. The woman doing the catfishing had been at it since 2014, to multiple victims. When they got her on the zoom meeting it was clear she has mental problems, maybe multiple personalities. I am upset/disappointed with the producers because this is a federal crime, and they need to be reporting it to the FBI. They also pussyfooted around the suggestion that the catfish get professional help.

No time to watch I Can See Your Voice. Or the 49ers game.

Heidi is shut in her room. I spent some time with her this morning but she seems content to sack out on her tree.

Delivered was the pair of flag pole holders, and a surprise package - a gift from middle sister, not to be opened till my birthday

Plans for tomorrow:
Empty the dryer, fold the shorts, hang up the t-shirts
Install the license plate holder
Install the flag pole holders
Call about the Humana medicare plan/Nov. 10 Dr. appt.

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