Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Screwing around

Low blood sugar morning, self-medicated in the recliner with my bathrobe on. Thought about not getting dressed but remembered I needed a shower and had things to do outside.

Took the cutoffs out of the dryer. Spook helped me fold them, then she curled up on the quilt on the bed and slept there all day. I spent some time with Heidi.

Installed the front license plate frame, it took a lot of force to open those screw holes in the bumper. But the screws to hold the plate in place were too big (puzzled because they came from the original frame). I forced them in, but need to see about getting smaller ones.

Next screw fail was the flag pole holder. It had 1/4-inch nut heads not philips screws. Had to dig out my bit kit. And then the screws for the new holder are too long, and the holes are in different places than the original. I'll need to do some pilot holes but first had to order a screw kit. Many varied wood screws.

Text from the vet to confirm Spook's appt tomorrow
Call from new doctor's office to get all my meds & history. 90 minutes. Still have not gotten anything in writing about the appointment 11/10, but she gave me the details

Got the mail, two pieces from Humana. One said there would be a for for doc to fill out, the other one was the form. My plan is restricted to people with dread diseases like diabetes and CHF.

No "vote" flyers.

Sandi was out on her porch and one of the feral cats was on the porch rail. Looks more like a healthy house cat to me. But I have seen it go under my house.

Watched the Packers crush the 9ers. Also watched some Hot Bench cases. And a 90-day teaser.

Finished the brie & crackers for dinner.

Long episode of The Bachelorette in which the producers edited bits in the "coming up" teasers to expect the worst, but the very best happens. Clare and Dale find True Love™ way early in the game, so the producers let all the men who had not been sent home in the first rose ceremony stay, and they brought in a DDG new bachelorette. A couple of the guys are still stuck on Clare but they are hiding it.

Plans for tomorrow:

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Spook to the vet for 3:20 appt

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