Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It ain't over till it's over

Just because the media says it's so doesn't make it so.

Until the Electoral College votes, we do not have a President-elect.

I sure hope they elect Biden, but all this celebration on thin evidence from unreliable sources is as disgusting as Trump's cries of fraud.

No cats in my bed last night but Spook joined me just after the alarm went off. She also spent much of the afternoon there.

Hgl was a little high. Breakfast was the usual.

Lots of killing time waiting for 2:40 to roll around.

Plucked Spook from my bed, and shoved her into the carrier in the front room. She didn't resist much. I had put some of the colorful quilt cloth in there. Pillow cover I think.

She was quiet all the way to the vet. It was a slow process, got there at 3:10, appointment was for 3:20.  Vet called at 3:50 to say Spook was checked out and had her rabies shot, can they do a blood panel? I said okay. 3x the price of the rabies shot but it's been a year.

On the road around 4:20.  my bladder gave out twice. It was a wet ride home.  It drizzled a little in the parking lot and on the way home but barely a trace. Our 200 day dry streak is intact.

Came home, two of the homeless cats were on Sandi's railing.

Got Spook inside, let her out of the carrier, and the first thing she did was rip the bandage from the blood draw off with her teeth.

And then she sat in the middle of the livingroom and licked off all the cooties. And ate all the treat crumbs and some kibble and dipped her paws in the water fountain to clean off her face.

Heidi stayed in her room.

Turned on Tivo, told it to show me college football, but the station which was supposed to have Clemson-Notre Dame had Biden giving a speech. It said which channel had the game so I switched.

Biden has adopted a HUGE dog. Pure political move.

Watched a way too long Gold Rush. Lots of 3x FF because they started with a needless wrap up of last season, and after all the strip miners were covered they played the entire white water season before showing Carlos being an idiot.

Nothing else on Tivo so I fired up Amazon Fire and watch Ghost in the Machine on IMDB with lots of commercials. Cool movie, unexpected happy ending. Scarlett Johansson stars as the gratuitous sex object. Special effects were very Japanese futuristic.  

Plans for tomorrow:
Skype with J
Hang out on the porch in case it rains
Take out all the garbage, including changing the litterbox cartridges

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