Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Planned stay in bed till noon achieved, with help from Spook curled up close against me.

Heidi pooped on the bath mat by the shower, and I stepped in it on one of my many pee trips. Am now keeping the bathroom door closed. Heidi was not pleased by the change.

Laundered the mat. It came out larger than it went in.

Changed the litterbox cartridges in both cats' units. Heidi's fills up a lot faster than Spook's.

4 pm skype meeting didn't happen. She forgot. We'll try again tomorrow.

streamed for an hour, had one active chatter.

NFL football on Tivo. Saints game spoiled by Tivo remote magically skipping to the end of the recording with no way to get back to where it was. Saints clobbered Tampa Bay.

Only watched a little of the Raiders game, just wanted to see the final play in which the other team was robbed of their winning TD by a brilliant defensive play.

Ravens stuck it to their opponents.

Delivered was the set of wood screws, mini cans of Pringles, some fine beef jerky and another bottle of piña colada mixer.

Took out all the garbage & recycleds and wheeled the bins to the curb. It was so cold I wore my VGK stadium jacket. 54° is the coldest high temp in Vegas history. Mailbox trip was a waste of time.

We got a lot of wind and clouds, but no rain. 202 days without measurable rain.

Found a cool recent documentary series on looking for the loch ness monster, which ended with finding a missing WWI U-boat allegedly sunk by a sea monster in the North Sea off Ireland.  

Ordered some groc from Von's to be delivered tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe drill pilot holes for a flag pole holder. It may be too cold & windy though
Maybe see if the drivers license screws got switched front to back
Skype session at 4
BASFA Zoom at 8

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