Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lots of time spent on two things

Breakfast, then off to T-Mobile to port my phone from Verizon. Very slow process. arrived at 11:45, out the door 12:15. The phone number didn't take at first, I called the at about 1:00 and had it finished 1:15. Felt longer.

Pringles to stave off hunger. Three or four trips to the loo. 2:30 off to the doctor with all my meds and paperwork.

3 pm appointment, arrived 10 minutes early, but it was 3:30 before they straightened out Humana's mistake which showed me going to an entirely different clinic network.

Male nurse took my vitals, entered all my meds and history. Dr. Wong is a brand new DO not an MD and was not all that impressive. But we got everything done. Blood work by the male nurse who missed the center of the blood vessel by a hair, so it was a very slow draw. Gave a urine sample on my way out. Well, out of the exam area.

Front desk gave me a swag bag with some neat stuff in it. Back scratcher, masks, band aids in a travel case, eye glass screwdriver.

5 pm out the door as the staff also left. Home, slow going because (1) after dark and (2) rush hour.

Watched PTI
Salad, beef teriyaki bowl, ice cream dinner.

Charged and filled all the soda stream bottles. 2 soda, 1 diet cola, 1 blackberry, 1 raspberry, 1 piña colada. Already has 1 soda and 1 diet cola in the fridge.

Two episodes of Hot Bench

Delivered - a mic stand which does not fit my mic, and 4 license plate screws

Spook has been sprawled on my bed while Heidi is either against a corner or under the bed. I sent her to her room for the night.

Plans for tomorrow:
remove the too big screws and try the new ones on the front plate
Place the registration sticker on the rear plate (they gave it to me when I ordered the plates, I forgot)
Mail the Humana form
Phone someone

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