Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Crazy mixed up day

Another night of almost hourly trips to the loo. 8 am alarm, I was too tired to get up, stayed in bed. Spook curled up next to me.

11 am, phone call - good signal, which with Verizon would have been a dropped call or straight to voicemail. So the switch to T-mobile was a WIN. It was Humana pharmacy, they wanted to enter all my meds and supplies in their system and let me know how much $$ they would charge for a 90-day supply.

I put on a robe and went to the PC to look up my list. Humana has me on a special needs plan, diabetes stuff and cardiology stuff is free.

So my insulin, which cost me about $5k last year is free. There are only two drugs which cost anything, and they are about $500 together -last year it was 3x that.

pradaxa 30 $80 90 $230
Sotalol 90 $0
Alfuzosin 90 $0
Jardiance 90 $110
Valsartan 90 $0
Atorvastatin 90 $0
Lantus 90 $0
Novalog vial 90 $0
Syringes $1.50 a box of 100
Glucose meter test strips $0

The only things which I won't get from them are generic imodium tablets, which Costco has for maybe $15 for 200.

We still have to iron out delivery method - they understand that USPS is a non-starter, but they have alternatives.

So no more Walmart, except for emergencies.

Back to bed. Spook was still there.

2 pm finally was caught up enough on sleep to get showered and dressed.

No breakfast. Cup o noodles lunch.

Out to the car. Applied the registration decal to the rear plate. Took out the too-big front plate screws and used regulation screws, now the plate doesn't flop around. I may add the UW alumni frame. I have 2 in Heidi's room.

Watched some of TWC fear-mongering about imaginary storms. They would be better off focusing on west coast fire season.

Did not put up the flag pole holder. Did not want to give the wrong signal on Veteran's Day. Except for WWII and the Coast Guard, I do not thank them for their service. After WWII the only reasons people joined the military was they were drafted, so it was not their choice, or they wanted the free college education, or they wanted to go to other countries and kill people. Or combinations of those.

My father did his military service as a civilian engineer on a Navy fellowship designing missile guidance systems. I won the Vietnam era lottery with a very high number and was never called to the draft. But I did serve 2 years in the US Peace Corps for which I received very low pay and zero benefits. I don't consider it the equivalent of military service.

Watched Oak Island, annoyed that they gave the not very competent metal detector guy a super duper device which he does not know how to use or learn to use. In the end he stashed it and went back to his metal detector. Kind of neat that they lowered a diver into a shaft where they thought they saw gold. He came back empty handed. Instead of safety stops they has a bariatric chamber on hand.

The Bachelorette has a new leading lady, she is way more beautiful than the one (who found True Love®) she replaces. Most of the guys are on board, one linebacker thought he was in love with the previous one and he went home. So far Tayshia is giving all the guys a chance but she already has a favorite. No rose ceremonies yet, 2 days in.

Streamed about halfway through the [paused] show. Three chatters.

Delivered today was a new pair of slippers to replace the falling apart ones.

Canceled my tickets to Fantasy at the Luxor. Not a good time to be at a show on the strip. May have Red Lobster deliver for my birthday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay home
Expecting orchid delivery

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