Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

1 am I was stick a fork in it done

 So here I am the next day filling in the placeholder.
Once again up every hour at night to pee. Spook was curled up next to me in bed and was undaunted by my excursions. Heidi was shut in her room for her own good. She picks fights.

After breakfast I drove to the PO and dropped off the note fromm my new doctor for Humana. On the way back, stopped at my mailbox, about 1:30 pm, expecting lots of mail, but all that was in tehe box was junk. The postal person was in the truck parcked in front of the gang of mailboxes, apparently on break.

Home, watched Masked Singe - they kept the right contestant but maybe sent the wrong ones home. The Owls are a couple - a country non-singer and his very much a singer wife. He lost it for them with his scrathchy voice. Clint Black & Lisa Hartman Black.

I Can See Your Voice was overloaded with good singers. Not fair to the contestant who gets $10k for each bad singer. I guessed right that the last singer was good, but the contestant walked with $20k, losing out on $100k.

Red Lobster delivered 2 meals worth of food. Most is in the fridge for my birthday Sunday but I ate the scallops, clam chowder and cole slaw.

Streamed but nobody showed up after half an hour so I ended it.

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