Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Early post for a change

Not much - stayed inside all day.

Pee every hour all night long.

Spook and Heidi left a lot of white fur on the bathroom mats - must have been an epic fight, don't know how I slept though it. Mostly Spook's long fur.
Hot dogs for lunch
Thai iced tea and sweetened condensed milk filled me up so no dinner.

Delivered: litterbox cartridges, cat treats, Borden's squeeze bottles of sweetened condensed milk.

Nothing on Tivo

Watched some Twitch streams. One from the top of a mat of a 30' sailboat.

Saw the cream colored stray cat.

Had a lie-down, not a nap, 2:30-4:30. Spook joined me.

Streamed for 40 minutes, no one showed up so I ended it.

Ordered plant holders, one indoor and one outdoor.

Wrote a letter to the person who was supposed to help me with medicare that she took too long, I already handled it.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay home. Maybe install flag pole holders. Maybe.
Order Chinese food for deliver? Shrimp in lobster sauce.
Nobody has lobster cantonese (lobster in lobster sauce)

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