Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Too much food, too many $$

Almost forgot to eat breakfast I was so caught up in pre-birthday food searching. I just wanted lobster Cantonese. But nobody has that on their menu. Many have lobster. Many have shrimp in lobster sauce (aka shrimp Cantonese).

So I compromised.

Seafood gumbo and shrimp dinner from a cajun place, with crawdad boil for another meal.

2x shrimp in lobster sauce, wor won ton soup, egg rolls and honey walnut prawns from a Chinese place. Each of those except the egg rolls is a meal.

Already have lobster tails from Red lobster.

So the plan is to cut up a lobster tail or three and plop them into shrimp in lobster sauce for birthday dinner.

I need cake. Hmmm.
My new favorite streamer was online from her dad's wooden sailboat. I spent a lot of my day there. Storm chaser was once again making a long drive, lots of people in chat I "know", that was fun too. He found some lightning after dark, but no tornado.

Watched the endings of the USC-AZ and Baylor-Texas Tech games. And some of Oregon-WSU. The first two were won in the final second. Also saw some of Nevada-NM, Nevada is now 4-0.

The lobster in the cajun dinner was small but excellent, the noodles were good too but the potato and broccoli got dumped. Seafood gumbo had chicken in it, no discernible seafood. It was mostly rice. Mildly spicy. Dumped 1/8 of it.

Streamed for an hour, one chatter.

Had a dream that Heidi had stopped fighting with Spook. One time when I came out of the loo, Heidi was in her corner of the bedroom and let out a squeal. 

Tonight she followed me back to her room. I closed the door. Don't need to test the fight dream.

Spook hogged the bed all day.

Delivered was a patio table. Will open it & assemble it tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Quick PO trip to drop off a letter.
Albertson's on the way home for Bavarian chocolate cake.
Mailbox stop.

Crawdads for lunch
Red lobster meal with lobster sauce for dinner

Open presents

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