Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Post Birthday Post

Another way too many pit stops night. Spook curled up next to me for much of it.

8 am alarm, I was too tired, stayed in bed another hour

The usual breakfast.

FB and Twitch and some tivo.

Honeu walnut prawns for lunch.

Went nextdoor and tried to liberate the biggest aloe plant but it was too heavy and unbalanced. Got my hand truck and managed to get the three aloe plants and a cactus over to my carport. Need to find a landscaper to plant them.

That wiped me out - those things are heavy!

Took a nap. Spook joined me.

Up around 5:30.

Wor won ton soup for dinner. Saved half for later.

Dragon spacecraft was on NASA LIVE approaching the ISS. BASFA Zoom meeting watched it together, until it docked. It was a good meeting, done by 9.

Streamed - put NASA on my site and watched as they fumbled around for more than an hour past the time the crew was expected to be on board. Finally done by 10:30. Plan was 9:00.

Three chatters.

Watched Pillow Talk, ate another piece of birthday cake.

Plans for tomorrow:
Dr. at 1 pm. Need my insulin refilled stat.
Need a urology appt
My blood test results are not online. Need to get that fixed.
Albertson's near the Dr. for bananas, milk, egg nog, buddy ice cream


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