Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Almost a placeholder. Sleep deprived, but fed. Going to bed early

Another night of hourly trips to the loo, most with Spook curled up next to me in bed. Had to chase Heidi back to her room because paranoid.

Up with the alarm, sunrise from Heidi's windows was very bright.

1 pm doctor appt lasted till 3:30. Slow but also thorough. EKG was nominal. Blood tests came in, some anomalies there. They redid the K test.

Albertson's after - bananas, milk, Buddy ice cream treats, sugar free soda flavorings. 

Put together the coffee table for the succulent garden. Need more plants for it.

Watched PTI from last night, where Mike predicted the Bears would beat the Vikings. Watched PTI from today where Tony and Mike buried the Bears alive.

Below Deck 3rd stew turns out to be more qualified as a deck hand, so Capt. put her on crew and phoned for a new stew. New stew is DDG, tall well endowed blonde from Australia. Chief stew is also from Oz, so bonding. Lowlight of the charter was when the teenage guests asked for and got a sushi dinner served on a naked woman. The chef is an expert sushi maker, her skills were wasted on this. 4th crew member is a flake, he won't last much longer. Former stew is already showing him up.

Plans for tomorrow:
Be lazy
Late afternoon: Walmart p/u meds
Mailbox: plant stand is in the storage box.

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