Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

When's Day foo

Up a little less than every hour, but still too much. Spook slept with me till about 6, then went into Heidi's room and beat her up. And again when I went in to check at about 10.

Took Nikon pix of both of them. Emailed the adoption agency, asking for help to re-home Heidi. It is not safe for her here unless I shut her in her room.

Amazon tracking said my plant stand had been delivered to my mailbox. 2:30 I drove there but the postal person had all the mailboxes open and was walking around at random putting mail into boxes. Totally disorganized and already more than an hour late. Came back in an hour and a half, there was some junk mail but no key for a storage box.  About 5 pm a postal truck came by, and dropped a HUGE box off on my porch. 3x the size needed for the plant stand kit box inside. Opened up the goodies and it is a major assembly project.

Walmart has my prostate pills but not my insulin. They say they are working in the pricing with the new coverage (it should be free). Not interested in 2 trips there so will wait till both are ready.

Watched PTI, two Hot Bench episodes, Oak Island and The Bachelorette. Oak Island continues to make a Big Effing Deal out of insignificant finds. Tayshia only sent 3 guys home in the rose ceremony, and kept the two drama llamas. No surprise there.

Catfish managed to get the actual woman behind the Facebook page to come out and talk to the total loser guy whom they flew in from Cincinnati. She is gorgeous. He's not. Total jerk, lied about almost everything, she's told him to get lost numerous times but he keeps hounding her. Dozens of texts and FB DMs an hour.

Lunch - wor won ton soup 2nd half. Dinner shrimp in lobster sauce second half of first of 2 containers. Finished the cake.

Masked Singer and I Can See Your Voice on tap for tomorrow. Not much else unless Walmart comes through. Put together the plant stand I guess.

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