Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

So much pharmacy foo

Spook started off last night in bed with me, but disappeared early. She is a bit confused about Heidi going missing. Or maybe she just was bothered by my hourly excursions to the loo. I know  was.

Most of the morning was wasted on the phone trying to get insulin. Humana finally told me they denied coverage because of the dosage, and my doctor didn't answer their fax, probably because they sent it to the wrong branch. But you would think the branch they sent it to would call him. Where it stands now, I have 3 days' left, and Humana thinks it takes 2 days minimum to get approval. They don't understand the gravity of their foul-up. I placed that order 2 weeks ago.

I miss Kaiser.

Called Soda Sense, and managed to talk to a human who was able to mark my next 2 pairs of cartridges as return-only, no exchange. So I drove to the PO and put them in the big round package swallower.

Then to Walmart to get the prostate pills I should have gotten 2 days ago but was hoping to get the insulin too and avoid 2 trips. Did not make it before my bladder opened up. Been keeping a towel handy for that.

The drug is a very powerful antibiotic, used for plague, anthrax and what I've got. Let's hope it does the trick without killing me.

Silly me, found a good looking cat online, made an appointment to see it tomorrow 1 pm. I hope my bladder holds up, it's a long drive.

Have to charge the car tonight too.

FFed through the Seahawks game. They won by a hair, thanks to a lucky last defensive play. PTI had split on which way it would go.

90 Day was a rerun. :-(

Did laundry - all the towels and most of the jeans shorts.

Need to Fabreze the car.

Streamed for an hour, this time it worked. 3 or 4 chatters.

Plans for tomorrow:
College football
Shark Tank Bees update
The rest depends on whether I adopt a cat

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