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Fewer trips to the john than usual overnight. Spook didn't show up till 6 am. The Cipro seems to be working, but fatigue is a side effect. Stayed in bed till 9.

Hgl 105 for 2 mornings in a row.

The Animal Foundation (TAF) got Ma'am's foster mom in touch with me, lots of email and texts later she (Miki) came over with the cat.

Ma'am is a calm curious cat, she explored the former Heidi's room, and then Miki wanted her to meet Spook, which I wasn't so keen on but after establishing that Spook wasn't under my bed as she usually is when People arrive, we all went to the livingroom. Spook came out from between the sofa and recliner, and she followed Ma'am around the room and the office and back again, staying socially distant until Ma'am dove into the toy basket and threw a couple of toys out.

Ma'am curled up at the base of the cat tree, made some minor rude noises while Spook stared at her.

Eventually Miki picked her up and put her back in the carrier.

While the cats were getting to know each other Miki and I were too. She's a very attractive Japanese woman who is probably 40 but looks 25. We talked a lot about languages. I walked her & Ma'am out to her car, we talked some more. She found out I'm single, and it seems she is too. She said I now have a friend in LV. :-) ♥

She will send email to TAF, who will send paperwork to me, and if all goes well Ma'am will be mirror cat. In the cat room for a couple of weeks at first.

Watched enough of the NFL games to know who won, Raiders blew it in the last minute. They were the better team until then.

PNB&J for lunch, salad & cup o noodles for dinner.

Had a nice long chat with Baltimore sister

Took out the garbage. Picked up the mail (all junk).

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on the adoption process and
denture clinic said they will get back to me with an estimate
Need to follow thru with Dr. on insulin
BASFA zoom meeting

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