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Paper Trail

Breakfast was late, interrupted by a call from the Humana care person whose job it is to help diabetics stay on the right path. We had a good chat, she said I am young, and doing fine, and she doesn't need to give me any advice.

Spent most of the morning filling out the forms for TAF, mostly because the packet of forms was poorly labeled and a couple of the ones which I did not think I needed to fill out did need to be filled out, but there were 2 of each and they only needed one of each. Except for the one which says I know the animal has not been fixed, since Ma'am has been.

PDFed them, and emailed them. Then there was some confusion because as a Senior my cat adoption is supposed to be free, but there was no way to note that on the adoption fee page, so instead I gave a $50 donation on the main page. Turns out the foundation which pays the Senior fee needs a photo of me and Ma'am together which I can't get till she is here again. We didn't take pictures somehow when she was here.

Adoption approved, they let Miki know.

I snacked for lunch.

Decided to stream before the BASFA meeting instead of after, but Miki called and we arranged for her to bring Ma'am over Thursday morning. She's Japanese and I'm Bah Humbug, so neither of us do Thanksgiving. And then she texted me a bunch of photos of her cats playing well together. And sleeping well together with her. And she wanted me to know that coexistence may take a while, but I knew that, and promised to let Ma'am sleep in the bed at least sometimes. I think if she behaves, Spook will be okay with that.

BASFA meeting was good, lots more people than the last couple of weeks. Almost everyone knew about the drug I'm taking. And all were interested in the cat adoption. Lots of cats in the meeting.

Since it was interrupted, I streamed again for almost an hour after BASFA.

90 Day The Other Way brought  the about to fail relationships to a head.  Korean Jihoon and Utah Deavon are doing way better than I expected, Blonde Avi and not blonde Bini are working things out. Brittany needs to get her overexposed ass out of Jordan and maybe take Yazan with her. And get those braces removed. Jenny needs to get her overaged ass out of India and leave Sumit to find someone his own size. There was no update on Kenny and Armando. Pillow Talk was about the same episode.

PTI talked about Northwestern winning and said very nice things about the Raiders, even though they lost in the last 12 seconds. And said Burrow's injury was no one's fault, it's just football.

After I wrap this up there's a Below Deck to watch

Delivered was a foam gun and soap to use with it. Need to use it on the bay windows and the car.

The pills are working a little, but I'm now much more triggered than before. Ordered some adult diapers.

Plans for tomorrow:

Doctor at 2 pm

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