Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Kind of late, so kind of truncated

Spook once again slept with me some of the night. She played with mirror cat. She also camped out in the cat room a couple of times, walked across my lap, begged for tummy rubs and play time, and ran across the house once. twice.

Breakfast & meds, FB and the news.

Afternoon doctor appointment, he was shocked that I was out of my baseline insulin, and rushed to consult with the diabetes doctor and put together a different plan for me which Humana approved. Walmart let me know it was ready to pick up at about 6 pm but they close at 7, and it's Thanksgiving rush so I'll go in the morning. Next week I get to meet with a real doctor.

Oak Island did it again, got all excited about nothing, ordered up a massive expensive project to drain the swamp again. Zero actual progress. 

PTI showed its turkeys of the year, there were some major laughs.

The Bachelolrette did it again, keeping the two drama llamas and sending home much better men. The group date challenges were pretty disgusting.

90 Day talk back mostly showed how much the producers spin the show to make us think relationships are falling apart when they aren't.

Decided to do a 2021 calendar. I already have much of the postage, spent $80 on more. Need to take more photos.

Stream was great tonight - several faves showed up.

Plans for tomorrow:
Feed the strays
Maybe get photos

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