Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Day After

The meds seem to have started working. Small but welcome improvements.

Spook was missing all night but joined me after the lights came on.

More time on the phone with Humana pharmacy, they said my Pradaxa was approved and ready to pickup but Wal*Mart is not showing that. Must go tomorrow to avoid running out. Also need salad greens and Garbanzo beans and ice cream. Will know Monday if they managed to grab my prescriptions for the express pharmacy.

My nails need armor plating but not a good time with the virus shutdown.

Watched some Twitch streamers.

Spent time with Ma'am twice. She is the pet i was hoping for.

100 mph purr. Loves to rub against me. Just a wee bit nervous but that's understandable. A little after midnight she was at the door crying, but it didn't last long.

Meanwhile, Spook is staying away. Don't know why. She seems chill.

We watched UNLV get crushed by Wyoming. Much of that is many LV players are out with positive virus tests.

Watched some Hot Bench. Gold Rush was 2 hours of chat, I watched the first hour, it sucks when they do this filler stuff.

Took a nap 5-6 pm, Spook curled up next to me. Put Panda Mick through the laundry, he's now very clean. Streamed, three chatters.

Masked Singer picked the best singer to send home. I detect producer pressure - the singer was Paul Anka.https://youtu.be/6-3V2cZFa9U

I Can See Your Voice returned to their original format, and the contestant went home with $20k. Had he chosen from his heart he would have made $100k.

Delivered: Kibble, adult diapers

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Walmart and check if my drug is in. Go there if it is
Feed the strays
Visit Ma'am
Sit outside a bit in the early afternoon
Maybe check the mailbox

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