Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Walmart, Albertson's, PO and diapers

Called Walmart in the morning, they had the drugs, would text me when my order was ready.
Watched the Raiders get clobbered.
PM, to the mailbox. Crammed in there was a HUGE book of coverages from Humana, and a package with 3 months of test strips for the new meter, but no meter.
Online, Walmart says my drugs are ready. No text.
Wore the diapers. Walmart, got the drugs, drove to Albertson's and bought salad stuff and ice cream. Diapers did their job so I drove to the PO and mailed the Heidi stuff to the adoption center.

Strays had devoured about a week's worth of kibble and 2 days worth of wet food and all the water. I refilled the wet & water.

Sat outside but none of them showed up.

Took out the garbage and a lot of boxes for bulk collection.

Dinner was baked beans and some dark meat roast turkey from Albertson's.

Streamed for an hour plus. Talked about hot lead printing.

Watched Gold Rush - finally a real episode.

Spook has been strange.

Put the plastic sofa protector sheets on the arms of the sofa. twist pins were hard to start, but easy to seat.

Plans for tomorrow:
Cardiologist 10 am
BASFA zoom meeting

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